Scuba Diving in the British Virgin Islands - This a small selection of the 100 plus sites we dive!

Exploring the underwater world by scuba is a fabulous activity that the Cuan Law facilitates marvelously.

Among the crew are at least two scuba instructors who can give you a short “Introduction to Scuba” course or guide you if you are a qualified diver. Our instructors can also do “referrals" and more advanced courses. Should you need to rent, we have high quality, up to date scuba equipment.

Three dives are planned each day, including a morning dive before or after breakfast, an afternoon dive after lunch and a night dive. In between there is time for kayaking, Hobie Cat sailing, snorkeling or even more diving if you wish. When the dive bell rings to announce the next dive, interested divers gather at the aft deck for a briefing.

Scuba Diving in the Virgin Islands

Dive briefings are very thorough using maps we have of each site. After the briefing you have the choice to follow a dive guide or venture off on your own.

Guests aboard Cuan Law handle their tanks as little as possible. Hand your BC and regulator to the dive crew before the first dive and they handle it from there. You simply step up to the waist-high tank deck, where a crew member has your tank waiting for you to slip into your BC. From there you either giant stride off the aft deck or board the inflatable. After the dive you step up to the tank deck and your tank is taken by the crew to be filled for the next dive and stored out of the way - almost like checking your coat at a restaurant! Tanks with BCs and regulators in place are stored on the back aft deck, out of view of the canopied aft deck and under shade. Masks, snorkels and dive accessories are stored conveniently in individual dive bins located under the seating area which keeps the dive deck clear of clutter.

You'll always get a full tank aboard Cuan Law. Below deck, there are two air compressors and a Nitrox plant efficiently pumping the 3,000 psi aluminum 100's, 80's, and 63's.

Responsive imageA plush skin is about perfect for the water temperature in the BVI in summer but in winter you'll need a light wet suit. Both can be rented locally. The water temperature is between 78 and 82 F or 25 to 28 C. If you plan to night dive, make sure you bring your own light. Lights are also available for sale in the "Boatique".

Two equipment rinse tanks and fresh water shower hoses are located at the back of the deck.