Scuba Equipment Rental

Included with your Cuan Law package are tanks (aluminum 63s, 80s and 100s), weights, belts, masks, fins, snorkels and air. If you choose to avoid the hassles of lugging heavy dive gear from home, Cuan Law offers high quality rental dive equipment onboard including regulators and BCs.

Only a dive skin is necessary for the 82F (28C) summertime water temperature and a light wet suit should be comfortable in the winter, when the water temperature drops to about 78F (25C). Neoprene wetsuits can be rented from a local dive shop when you arrive.

"Swimmer's ear" can be a problem in the tropics so please take precautions. Wash out your ears with fresh water after every dive. Don't forget to bring with you a good supply of any personal medicines.

Equipment rental rates are as follows:

Regulator with octopus, pressure and depth gauge $50 per week
Jacket BC with power inflator $40 per week
Daily rate for rental of both $15 per day
Nitrox $10 per tank or $120 per week

Cuan Law Rental Diving Gear