Our Dive Tenders

Most of the dives are made from our two custom designed, 21-foot, 115-hp, four-cycle rigid hull inflatable boats. A wide stairway with sturdy handrails leads down to a large platform where the tender wedges between the platform and the main hull. This is the safest and most stable system in the live-aboard world.

All the tubes, the steps and the flat floor are carpeted for a sure grip for the feet. Fins, masks and cameras are handed down separately to avoid any slips.

At the dive site divers simply back roll into the water from the normal sitting position. Getting back into the boat is almost as simple. A sturdy angled stainless steel ladder with wooden steps swings down from the transom, extending about four feet below the surface, and there are several convenient grab handles so your water exit is safe and easy. Our inflatables are manned continuously during dives so you are always assured of a quick pickup, no matter where you surface. With both of the dinghies in the water and Cuan Law moored over a dive site, three different locations can be dived simultaneously, ensuring you won't have to dive with a crowd.

The tenders are also used for shore expeditions and water skiing.

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Cuan Law is almost always anchored in flat, protected water and since the dive tenders slide conveniently into "parking slots" on each side of Cuan Laws center hull, boarding is easy.