Owners & Designers

Duncan and Annie have been in the liveaboard scuba and sail business since 1970 and have sailed thousands of miles and done thousands of dives. When they started out there were no liveaboards! They still love what they do and selecting and training their young crew has kept them young and they really know how to pick people who will do it the “Cuan Law Way”.


The heart of any ship is its crew and this is even more important in a Floating Hotel. All our crew are very energetic and fun loving with a great service attitude. They have their individual specialties but all pitch in as a team and cover for each other. We normally carry a crew of seven: Captain, Chef, Engineer, First Diver, Second Diver, and two Stewards or Stewardesses. Because of crew rotation, your crew will be from the following.

Captain - Scott

Captain Scott over many years has done everything and every job on the Cuan Law except Chef. We owe him a huge dept of gratitude as he has been the foundation stone of the crew. He has trained up dozens of our crew over the years including our Captain in Waiting Jamie (see below). Scott started off as steward on board and then, after getting his Divemaster rating, he led many dives in addition to his work as steward. Scott still loves to dive and will certainly do some dives with you whilst on board. He then moved on to Engineer as he had always had a great interest in, and aptitude for, the ship's machinery and equipment. He has fixed numerous problems, installed much new equipment and machinery and done many upgrades. He still likes to mess around below decks playing with machines! After a few years as Engineer and then First Mate, we promoted him to Captain and added the job later of Captain Trainer. Scott has done many charters as Captain, has as much knowledge as Owner Duncan, and really understands "The Cuan Law Way". He has a great sense of humor and is very fun-loving, and he runs a well organized and motivated team. A few years ago he married our then Chef, Kelly, whom many of our past guests will remember. She has now left to set up her pottery business in Florida ( sugarsandpottery.com) and Scott spends as much of his time as he can with her. Scott's sister, Kim, is our Office Manager.

Alternative Captain - Jamie

Born in South Africa, Jamie learnt to dive and sail on the east coast of Africa. He has done yacht deliveries in the Indian Ocean, and sailed to Zanzibar and other exotic places. He came to the Caribbean in 2013, where he spent a year as a commercial diver and Dive Instructor for a local company. Jaime joined Cuan law in 2015 as an Instructor and went on to become the Engineer. He now holds the position of Captain in Waiting. It can be safely said that he knows the Cuan law inside out, as well as the local waters and all the best places to go on charter. He has been well trained by Scott in the "Cuan Law Way". He is a master at ensuring that all our guests are happy, so everybody gets to do what they want, even in mixed groups of guests. Be it scuba diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, partying, hiking, shopping, Hobie Cat sailing, or water skiing, he leads from the front and is greatly respected by the rest of the crew. He is also an talented guitarist and will entertain the guests with Alvin when the time is right and the guests request it.

Diver - Ben

Ben hails from the southeast of the UK and has a degree in Marine Environmental Science. His studies have taken him as far away as Madagascar, he worked a year as a Dive Instructor in the Bahamas, and he has studied the Humpback Whales on the Silver Banks off the Dominican Republic. Ben has also dived in his native United Kingdom, Greece, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, and now the British Virgin Islands! Ben is very passionate about diving and the environment, and takes great pleasure in passing on his knowledge. He is a patient teacher and will open up a new underwater world for those who wish to learn more. He is a keen photographer both above and below the water, and enjoys to traveling and hiking. Ben came to the Caribbean in 2012 and has been a member of Cuan Law’s crew since early 2015. He knows the reefs and dive sites around the islands like his own back yard.

Diver - Chris

Chris is our friendly Canadian. He calls Vancouver home, but prefers the warmer water temperatures of the tropics. Chris has worked as an instructor around the world, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Pacific coast of Mexico, Thailand and now with us here in the Caribbean, on Cuan Law. Chris is a quiet guy with a great sense of humor. He is an experienced teacher, with endless patience for the anxious diver. He takes care of deck work, diving, and watersports, and is also a mix-master extraordinaire come Happy Hour. When not working, Chris likes to read, travel and dive new places.

Engineer - Travis

Travis was born on Wild Coast, in South Africa. He worked as a dive master, driving boats straight off the beach across huge breakers. He also did a lot of shark diving. He then turned his attention to engineering and is a real wizard when it comes to fixing anything. Any spare parts we do not have, he can fabricate himself. He came to Cuan Law via the Mediterranean, where he was working on big motor yachts. Now, on Cuan Law, he maintains the boat, helps with the diving and in general can be found in the midst of any activity with a huge smile on his face. When not working, Travis can be found surfing any wave he can find or practicing his free diving skills. He has been known to free-dive down and surprise unsuspecting scuba divers at 40’.

Chef Susannah

Susannah comes from the “ole country”, Ireland. After completing school, she went out traveling the world, and stopped by in the Caribbean to visit her sister. She ended up staying and getting a job on Cuan Law. While working there as a Stewardess, she realized her passion was pulling her to the galley. So, after completing a course at the famous Ashburton Cooking school in Devon, UK, she then went on to do a 12-week intensive professional course at the prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland. She rejoined the crew and after a period as Sous/Standby Chef in the galley, she has been promoted to Chef. She really enjoys her work and we know you will love her food. When not on charter, Susannah is working on her scuba diving skills or dreaming up new ideas for the menu. She has a tremendous personality - very energetic and with a broad Irish smile.

Alternative Chef - Kellie

Kellie Moore is a Central Florida native who came to the BVI several years ago originally through her love of ceramic art. She ran a local Tortola pottery and while here met our Captain, Scott Ferris. The rest, as they say, is history as they are now married! Her love of food and the ocean led to the obvious choice of a second career on board the Cuan Law as Chef with us and we are thrilled that she has also become a part of the Scott and Kellie crew training team. Fortunately their split schedule means that Kellie is still able to spend time with her amazing pottery business in Florida ( sugarsandpottery.com) They also have a very small mini farm with chickens and Kellies family pet, her retired Quarterhorse Holly who is somewhat of a record breaker at 33 years old, 34 in May 2017....and counting!

Stewardess - Emma

This African grew up on a small farm in rural Swaziland and with a passion for the creative arts she pursued a BA Degree in Visual Communication Design. Coming from a landlocked country she has always loved the sea and yearned to travel which is what brought her here today on her Caribbean adventure! Emma is known for her sparkling personality and colorful drawings of the day's itinerary.