Cuan Law Activities

Cuan Law Other Activities


There are five Ocean Kayaks carried onboard Cuan Law that you can use anytime. Four are doubles and one is a single. They are easy to use, virtually indestructible, and offer a perfect way to explore the area around the anchorages.

Hobie Cats

There are two 14 foot Hobie Cats onboard for your use. Don't worry, the "rescue team" will be out in a snap should you need assistance. Crew members will also be happy to teach you or do the sailing for you if you prefer to sit back and enjoy the splashing and the sun.
Cuan Law Other Activities
Cuan Law Other Activities


Been a while since you've tried to get up on one ski? Slalom and double skis are ready to challenge those sleeping muscles. Or, you might want to try the knee board, wake board or scurfer.


With such an abundance of vibrant shallow reefs and intriguing caves, you'll have plenty of opportunities to grab a mask and snorkel and investigate the marine world from the surface. Masks, fins, snorkels and flotation vests are available for your use at no charge.
Cuan Law Other Activities
Cuan Law Other Activities


If you just don't feel like getting wet the Cuan Law top deck provides plenty of space for some intense sun bathing. Each stateroom comes equipped with a pair of foam pads for sunning on deck. Grab an icy cool tropical drink and put on plenty of sunscreen! Try out the three hammocks!

Boat Excursions

Cuan Law carries two fast and stable 22 foot, 115HP four cycle rigid inflatable boats, custom designed to our specifications in Holland. They are used for water skiing, diving and snorkel expeditions. If you would like a day ashore - perhaps a spa treatment at a local resort - then one of the crew will happily take you there and pick you up again.
A wide stairway with sturdy handrails leads down to a large platform where the tender wedges between the platform and the main hull. This is the safest and most stable system in the charter yacht world. All the tubes, and the flat floor are carpeted for a sure grip for the feet, and a very user friendly swim ladder is provided at the stern with grab handles and rail.
Cuan Law Other Activities

The Caves at Norman Island

Legend has it that pirate's treasure was discovered here around the turn of the century. Now named Treasure Point, the Caves at Norman Island are a great place to snorkel around during your surface interval. The area consists of three water-level caves that penetrate back into the rocky cliffs. Bring along a flashlight so you can see deep into the dark eerie holes and passageways. Outside the caves the steep cliffs drop down underwater as deep as 40' to the sandy bottom and are home to fish, sponges, corals and shrimp. The defensive Sergeant majors will protect their eggs, but will move away long enough to grab snacks from visiting snorkelers.